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The Little Tree with a Broken Limb

During the week after my surgery, my body was still feeling the pain. 
I was frustrated because I was not able to do my daily tasks. 
I found it hard do nothing but rest. It was difficult to rest and let my body heal. 
I was wary and discouraged. 

I had a need to praise the Heavenly Father and enter into His Presence to be filled with His Joy. 
While I was resting, I found I had more time to fellowship and to find rest in Him. 
He send His angels to wait upon me and lift me with their support.
My mother patiently and lovingly ministered to me day until night. 
Like a angel she did this all week. 

My Precious Heavenly Father seemed pleased to care for me and lovingly ministered to me in my weakness. 
Perhaps the way I feel, when my children run to me when they are hurting and when they need me. 
I am delighted when they allow me to love them and hold them, because they are precious to me. 

In the same way I spent the week resting in and running to the Heavenly Father who loves me. This brought such sweet fellowship and reward. Although my body was weak, I had a desire to be spiritually awake, lifted up, and filled with joy. For the Lord is Worthy of ALL  PRAISE. 

As I was entering into the Fathers presence with praise, thanksgiving and Joy, I wanted to rejoice. But I found that I did not want to rejoice alone. 

Just outside my window there is a grove of trees. It is a beautiful sight. It brings a great delight to me look at Gods workmanship and see such beauty. 

I asked God to bless the trees outside my window. I asked that they would clap their hands arid rejoice with me and that they would awake and proclaim the Glory of the Lord. 

To my great delight, one of the many trees, a little tree with a broken limb, started to move. It moved its branches in great delight arid gratitude in response to my request. 
This tree did not stand as tall nor was as strong as the other trees nor was as beautiful as the cedar trees. It alone responded while the tall cedars stood unmoving. 

Then I notice the little tree had a large birds nest securely nestled in its care. I had not ice the nest at first because I was waiting for all the other trees to also respond. 

I turned to the left and the right. 
I again proclaimed to the other trees to awake and arise 
"Oh trees of this field and proclaim the Glory of God. For He is worthy of Praise. 
For He has creaked all things for His Glory. They are His workmanship. 
So arise and give Glory to your creator". 
Then all of the trees began to clap their hands in praise to their Creator. 

It was such a beautiful sight to behold 
when all the trees of the field began clapping and praising the Father. 
For He alone is worthy of ALL PRAISE! 

Weeks had gone by and I was once again reminded of the tender fellowship of my Heavenly Father. 
On the way home from my doctor's checkup, I noticed the trees to my right were very still. But the trees on my left started to move and clap their branches as I was passing by. 
I started to giggle and laugh so hard, the kind of pure laughter I remember only when I was a little girl. 

It was such a tender favor to see them clapping their hands as it were to speak before the Father. 

We are the Precious Heavenly Fathers workmanship. 
Out of His Love He has made us. 
He delights in our worship and time we set aside to rest and have sweet fellowship alone with Him. 
The tenderness of His Love and Blessings melted my heart and brought me a sweet peace and joy. 
I am grateful and I will rejoice and praise Him. 
I will always cherish that precious fellowship and moments we spent together. 
When even the trees of the field clapped their hands in Honor of His Holy Name. 

2010 Cami Vandeveer