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The Pure of Heart

I was in prayer before the Lord, when the Lord showed me a Vision. 
A mountainous wall, made of beautiful stone, stood before me. 

There appeared in the vision, The Lord. 
His Countenance gave forth much light. His Raiment was shimmering white. 
The light that shone forth was with golden rays. 

As He approached the great wall of stone, the wall reflected the Lord's Light. 
The reflected light was of a golden hue. It felt warm as I stood in the reflected light. 

The closer the Lord came to the mountainous wall, the brighter and warmer the reflected golden light became. 

When He reached the wall, He put forth His Right Hand and took a piece of the wall and held in His hand. In His Hand the piece of stone began to glow whiter and brighter. 
Until the stone had the appearance of a bright and sparkling pure diamond. 

He released the brilliantly shining pure diamond which now shined with a blindingly bright light. The diamond gemstone was very large. When the Lord released the diamond, it ascended into the heavens. 

In the heavens I beheld and saw a sea of brilliantly clear diamond like gemstones. The diamond that I had saw fashioned the Hand of the Lord, joined with all the other gemstones in Gods heavenly treasure house. 

The brightness of Heaven made the diamonds sparkle with such pure and clear colors. 
I could not take my eyes away from this vision of beauty which caused a warm glow to fill my heart. 

I wanted to stay there. I cried when I beheld these things. My heart was filled with great Joy and gratitude to the Lord for letting me see this wonderful sight. 

2010 Cami Vandeveer